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20.000 parking spaces managed in Spain

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Evolution of the number of car parks

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Isolux Corsán Aparcamientos has registered average annual growth in the number of car parks managed since 2006 of 25.12%, having gone from 15 at the close of said year to 57 car parks currently under management.

The growth strategy developed by Isolux Corsán Aparcamientos since 2006 has allowed it to triple the number of car parks managed, going  from 15 car parks in said year to 57  as 2015.

This performance represents an increase of 206.67% in just over five years and weighted average annual growth of 25.12%. The company's strategy has resulted in the implementation of activities in 29 Spanish cities, with car parks situated in the main shopping, hospital and government areas.

Among the car parks managed by Isolux Corsán Aparcamientos, Torrero (Zaragoza) is exclusive to residents and La Línea de la Concepción (Cádiz) corresponds to municipal on-street metered parking.

Evolution of the number of car parks

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