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Isolux Corsán - Parkings

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20.000 parking spaces managed in Spain

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Evolution of the number of parking spaces

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Isolux Corsán Aparcamientos has quadrupled the number of parking spaces managed since 2006, rising from just over 7,000 at the close of said year to the current 30,000

Isolux Corsán Aparcamientos has increased the number of parking spaces since 2006 by 401%, surging from from 7097 in the year of incorporation of the company, to the 29,984 recorded in 2015. 94.5% of the parking spaces (26,075) are rotational (unreserved) and 5.5% (4,206) are for residents.

The weighted average growth over these years is 17.36%. The growth trend that allowed the company to quadrupled its parking capacity in just over five years is the result of the company's focus on offering quality service and convenience to its customers.

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