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20.000 parking spaces managed in Spain

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Access control systems

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Isolux Corsán's car parks have an access control system that allows management to adapt to their needs at any time, resulting in greater security and convenience for users.

The car park network of Isolux Corsán Aparcamientos uses a control and access management system that is based on the use of tickets with the automatic recording, control and calculation of rates, in order to provide users with maximum comfort and security in accessing the parking facilities. This eliminates errors and fraud, as well as providing a more efficient service to users.

The system used allows Isolux Corsán Aparcamientos to maintain total independence from the manufacturer of the collection system, thereby allowing the company to adapt the control programme to the needs that may arise in the car parks at any time. This allows for greater rationalisation of management with low operating costs, resulting in a more competitive offer to clients.

The elements for the recognition and recording of licence plate numbers, as well as the processors, are identical for all machines and can be interchangeable among them. Each element in the control system is autonomous, with its own microprocessor. Thus, the system has redundancy and allows the facility to continue to operate in the event that any elements are out of service.

All equipment have secure power supply based on UPS to safeguard the memory. In case of prolonged power failure, when the power returns, the equipment will return to normal operation automatically, without altering any of the data and previously defined operating parameters.

The automatic management and control system allows for the management of the facility with minimal human intervention and has the following functions:

  • Control and management of vehicle entries and exits.
  • Control and Collection of parking fees.
  • Updated cash balances.
  • Accounting.
  • Equipment Alarms.
  • Statistics.
  • Count of vehicles and hours of occupation.
  • Parking guidance system.

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